Live-action Spider-Man memorabilia for sale!

Hello, I am selling my entire private collection of live-action Spider-Man memorabilia and collectables from the 70s and 80s.

Most of it is from the late 70's TV series (and overseas films) The Amazing Spider-Man starring Nicholas Hammond but there are also items from Cannon's failed 1985 film project and Toei's Japanese tokusatsu series called Supaidāman.

Please go ahead and browse the collection. Note that some of the collectables on here I have in duplicate but are not listed - they will be included regardless.

The majority of the collection consists of VHS and LaserDisc Videos, but there are also Books & Magazines, Posters, Photos and Others.

If you are interested in buying the collection then please get in touch and make me an offer. I am based in Manchester, England.

Live-action Spider-Man